Whitening Fast (Lisa and Chris) is so awesome! The difference they have made in my smile is just astounding. I went down 4 shades in one treatment. I couldn’t get that far with a $400 treatment system from my dentist.

Whitening Fast is the only place I would ever refer my clients for teeth whitening.

Elizabeth Alexandrovich
Studio Essentials Salon


Great results in no time at all!  My teeth have never looked this good.  The atmosphere is very comfortable, it’s conveniently located, and it’s affordable!  It’s my preferred choice for keeping my smile bright and white!  Lisa and Chris are the best!

Vickie A…an avid fan of Whitening Fast


Whitening Fast whitened my teeth in one visit 8 shades! I could not believe it! my husband noticed the minute I met him for lunch.
Thank you for making me feel more beautiful !

Coeur d’ Alene, Id


I have had my teeth whiten before at my dentist 7 years ago it ran me $800 to have them done! and yes my teeth whitend 9 shades but with a large price tag. I recently had my teeth bleached at Whitening Fast I asked for the double whitening treatment for $99 it took just 30 minutes and my teeth brightend up again 9 shades!!

Thank you Whitening Fast!!

Spokane, Wa


Chris and Lisa,

Thank you guys so much for fitting me in to whiten my teeth. I love the setup and the location is Perfect. I love the fact that I walked right in and you arranged a nearby appointment for that day. I love whitening my teeth and this experience was great.  Love you guys, See you next time I’m in town.


Tina Atkinson

If you want beautiful teeth I completely recommend Whitening Fast! The process is quick and easy – I wish I would have done it sooner. I LOVE my brighter smile and I feel so much more confident and professional when speaking to customers.

Stacey Shannon – Owner, Layermi Apparel